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Paris -SFO

Found this in a tiny (3 x 4inch) notebook. Not sure about the hand, though. Scribble scribble scribble.

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Matthew Porter

Stumbled onto these. Like a lot.


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Toe To Toe

A painting from a couple of years ago.

The title is from Maj. Kong's line in Dr Strangelove about "going toe to toe with the Rooskies".

People took it literally- as in 2 planes about to collide, when, in fact, the idea was that the two planes were hanging motionless, suspended in a kind of frozen moment. I thought that by depicting it in an obviously literal way would redirect attention away from the literal and into metaphor.

But what do I know?

It's 24 x 60 inches, painted very quickly- 3 hours or so. It's going to be Toby's.

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Dining Under "The Man"

are they skype-ing each other?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Down to the Nub

another worn out sable brush.

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Zombie Bandwagon

I thought of Ginger Baker when I drew this (and who wouldn't?)

Sketch for a surfboard logo. I think he might be missing a few parts.